Go Mail Merge Change Log

Manual close campaign

Campaigns will no longer automatically "close" and must be closed manually so that the end user can view the tracking data for a given campaign.

Manual follow-up

Added the ability for users to create a manual follow-up for a given sheet.

Email Quota Limit

Removed email quota limit from application.

Embed images

Added the ability to embed images via a Google Sheet column utilizing the =IMAGE() function.

Billing Manager

Added a billing manager page so that users can check and manage their subscription.

Email sequences to test email

Added email sequences to the test email that is sent to the user.

Campaign Manager

Created the campaign manager to enable users to jump to any of their scheduled campaigns, delete a campaign, and view their active campaigns.

Multiple email campaigns

Added the ability to schedule up to 5 email campaigns simultaneously.

Google Contacts import

Added the ability to import Google Contacts into a Spreadsheet.

UI Upgrade and email sequences

Added larger UI for the primary Go Mail Merge Manager. Created UI for adding 4 email sequences.

Human friendly error messages

Added human friendly error messages.

Limit number of emails sent

Added functionality to limit the number of emails sent per day.

Google Drive file indexing

Significantly improved performance for Google Drive file indexing.

Improved deliverability rate

Added alt text to tracker image for higher deliverability, shortened tracking urls, and added a custom domain.

Register subscription key

Added a page for users to register a subscription key.

Gmail Alias

Send emails as a Gmail Alias.

Colored progress for Tracker

Added colored progress bars for Go Mail Merge Tracker.

Emails sent count in tracker

Added number of emails sent counter to the tracker so users can track the number of emails they've sent.

Link click tracking

Added tracking to links.

Intelligent dynamic attachment

Added a 3rd attachment option to select a specific type of files for a given value and filtered by file type if they choose to do so. Added the ability to attach files via a unique intelligent string identifier. Added a merge status to skip rows.

Email bounces and replies tracking

Added tracking for email bounces and replies and added the functionality to skip a row if the dynamic attachment isn't found and is expected to be there.

Attachment Manager

Added the attachment manager for easily adding personalized attachments to each respective email.

Link to current campaign

Added link to the current active campaign for a given sheet.

Unsubscribe Link

Added unsubscribe link option.

Tooltips added

Added several tooltips to assist users in their understanding of the application.

Schedule email campaign

Modified the campaign started success logic to only display for 2 seconds, added the ability to schedule an email campaign.

Track email option and cancel email campaign

Campaigns will continue once per hour. Added the functionality to cancel an active email campaign and halting all emails being sent immediately.

Auto-retry for an email campaign

Campaigns will continue once per hour.

Campaign complete email notification and email labels

Modified send email logic so that it is the only button disabled if there aren't any emails to send, modified the tracker to display a spinner when loading tracking data, modified send email to add a label to every email sent and to nest the labels under the correct parent label, added the campaign complete email notification, added an error check for LIMIT_EXCEEDED, modified app initialization to create GOMM label within Gmail.

Emails to be sent count indicator and success animation

added emails to be sent number count for mail merge, added success animation, added proper buttons/input disabling while sending emails and when the process is in different states, added a premium max email sent exception for GSuite users, added exceeded max execution time exception, modified the look and feel of the tracker to be a bit cleaner, renamed css files so that they are namespaced.

Campaign complete success indicator

Added a successful campaign sent indicator to the application and corrected some bugs with the initialization function for a sheet so that it will utilize the first empty columns it can find and add new columns only if necessary.

Increased sheet row initialization to 1000 rows

Modified initialization so that 1000 rows below the last row of data are initialized with the proper color and validation options.

Merge Status notes and tracker manual refresh

Added the date read and date sent values to the notes for the merge status column. Updated the tracker side-panel so that the user can refresh the current sheet

Disabled draft email selector, merge status colors, and improved skip row logic

Disabled draft email selector until all draft emails load. Added the hiding of both action buttons upon sending emails, modified the logic to skip sending a row to simply check for the merge status column, if an email isn't in proper email format before being sent we skip sending that row and mark that row with an error and having an improper email form, added saving a note for the merge status column where we now save the date + time the email was sent, we now change the background color for a cell when saving it to the spreadsheet, fixed an issue when initializing the spreadsheet didn't have proper data validation, added more errors for gmail exceptions, added colors for the merge status columns

Test email and new merge status

Added the ability to send a test email to the user and added EMAIL_SEND_FAILED status for merge status.

Email format verification check

Added email format verification check before sending emails and added merge status column check before sending emails, added email validation on Google Sheet and added Merge Status Validation on the Google Sheet.

Google Sheet columns initializer

Removed scroll bar from Mail Merge Manager. Added new functionality to initialize the Spreadsheet columns if they don't exist otherwise do nothing.

Emails sent last 24 hours

Added check for GSuite user to determine limits. Added email sent count to show the number of messages remaining.