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How to send emails with an alias in Gmail

Go Mail Merge

Go Mail Merge

The best Mail Merge add-on for Google Workspace

What is a Gmail alias and why you should use them#

What is a Gmail Alias?#

Gmail aliases enable you to send and reply to emails from one "main" Gmail account on behalf of an "Alias" account that is assigned from Google Workspace.

For example, here at Go Mail Merge we take advantage of Gmail's Alias feature by being to send emails from our support, privacy, and sales accounts all from the same Gmail account.

How to setup your Gmail Aliases#

  1. Open up Gmail then click on the settings gear icon then select see all settings

    Gmail settings icon

  2. Select the "Accounts" tab at the top of the settings bar

    Gmail Account Icon

  3. Click the "Add another email address" Link

    Gmail add another email address

  4. Finally enter your other Google Workspace email address that is part of your domain

    Gmail add email address pop up

And that's it! You can now both send and receive emails as an alternative Google Workspace email address which enables you to be more organized and appear more professional when working with others.