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Why you should warm up an email account before sending cold emails

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Let's say you have a friend named Sarah and she's been making candles for your friends and family for the past 10 years and everyone has recommended that she should sell them because they smell and look amazing!

First she creates a website with a brand new domain and as she begins sending emails to potential customers you notice nobody is replying...

What is a cold email account?#

A cold email account is a brand new email address that has been lightly used or not used at all and belongs to a relatively new or brand new domain.

For example, in our theoretical scenario above where a candlemaker would like to sell their candles online most of their emails will probably end up in a spam folder if they contain any sort of marketing content in them as most email providers have many protections in place to protect their customers from spammers.

In general 2 requirements must exist for an email address to be considered cold.

  1. The email address must be less than 1 month old and has sent less than a few hundred "high-quality" emails

    1. The email recipients should mark the email as non-spam
    2. The recipients should generally reply to the email as that is how most natural email conversations work
  2. The domain that the email address belongs to must be relatively new as well, generally less than a month old

A domain that has a lot of Domain Authority can get away with creating multiple new email accounts without any penalty.

Generally Domain Authority is based on longevity and reputation, the longer a domain has been around and the higher quality the emails that have been sent from the domains current email addresses then it is more than likely that any new emails addresses from the domain are valid as well.

How to "warm up" a cold email account#

There are a few key steps to warming up a brand new email account before sending out any cold emails.

The best general strategy for warming up a fresh email is to use it as you use your normal email address for work or personal use. For example, simply have normal back-to-back conversations with the people that you normally email with your new address and do this for a couple of weeks.

a quick yet tedious hack would be to send emails back and forth between your new email and one of your old well established emails with full body messages that are very realistically conversation like.

If manual emailing over a 2-3 week period seems daunting then there are a few paid services out there that can handle this process for you i.e. warmupinbox

whichever methodology you move forward with just know that either way a brand new Email belonging to a Fresh domain will require a 2-3 week waiting period before you should begin sending out cold emails.